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The voice of our memory
Would you like to sing together with people with dementia and their family & caregivers?
This guide helps you to get started with your CONTACT CHOIR, as well as practical as musical.
The Inspiration guide The Voice of our Memory is the best practical and musical step by step program to start your CONTACT CHOIR. A few realistic situations are described and also the checklist at the end is very practical for every caregiver or volunteer.

How do you start a contact choir?
How to convince the employees, volunteers and direction team?
Who can sing along in a contact choir?
How many people can sing together? 
Where can a session be held?
How long a session takes?
When do you plan a session?
How often do you come together with this contact choir?
Where do you find the resources to realize a contact choir?
How to select the songs to sing?
How and where can you find a musical companion?
Waar vind je de nodige middelen om dit alles te realiseren?
Hanne Deneire
Visionary Symphonist of Music & People
In 2012 Hanne wrote the Inspiration guide "The Voice of our Memory". 
When she started up and was leading this project  (2011-2013) in collaboration with House of Music, Koor&Stem and the Expertise Center Dementia Flanders, she knew that it was the first step of a bigger goal. The first step to give the voice and the music an important place in the health care sector. Not only to found a contact choir but also take an attitude to communicate musically with people with dementia in daily care. This makes everybody more happy, as well as the caregiver as the residents. 

Her book "Remembering Through Music" is een leidraad binnen de zorg geworden in Europa (). Hanne wants to musicalise the whole health care sector because 
Music empowers people and the connection between people.
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